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Events at SeaDale

Choose between work and fun or have both at once.


Collection Shoot

Seadale was a part of Zellbury’s summer shoot this year. The collection’s approach was lavishy and summery that fits right with Seadale.

Perfect natural lights and the right backdrop colours made the shoot exquisite.


Corporate Event

Seadale hosted a corporate event for P&G for their getaway from the boring corporate life and to have a fun weekend. The event was fun filled with an amazing lunch setting by the pool and drinks bar.

The event was theme based that the team had fun following, jet skiing was a major part of the fun too.

Club 76

Collection Shoot

For the perfect frames that match the vibe of the brand, Club 76 held their shoot for their denim collection at Seadale.

Club 76 had to launch their new collection with great photography and chose Seadale for the perfect settings of frames and background and the beach vibe.



Seadale was a huge part of cornetto’s recent event “ Connect “, their eventful flavor launch was accompanied by a multitude of people and influencers. The event was star studded followed by a concert of the amazing Hasan Raheem.

Connect was filled with activities, fun and lots of content creation.


Collection Shoot

The summertime goes perfect with the beach, Mendez held their summer shoot at Seadale for the summer vibe on the spot. Mendez launched their summer collection and the beach goes perfect with the summer vibe, they chose Seadale for their shoot to launch their summer collection with the perfect beach frames.