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We’ve got everything you need to keep you feeling good, and help you de-stress at Riverdale.

Find all your needs fulfilled at Riverdale!

Pool &


Beat the Heat with our cool pool & jacuzzi!

There are few things as refreshing as a dip in the pool during a hot day. The atmosphere, aura, and ambiance provided by our superbly lit, night time pool are unbeatable. With proper pool lighting and the essence of a dramatic light show, a quick dip can be vital for soothing your soul.

Regulated pH Water

Lush Green


Spread over 20,000 square feet, our lush green lawns are ample for all your needs.

Fancy a morning walk after a night at Riverdale farmhouse? Our well-lit walking track is perfect for you. Want to hold a party and can’t decide how to handle a hundred people? Our venue lawn has a capacity of a thousand. With a separate play place for kids, our lawn is equipped to handle all your event needs.

20,000 Sq. Feet
1000 Capacity
Play Area



Smokin’ and grillin’ the joy of barbeque!

Outdoor cooking and dining evoke a fun and celebratory spirit. Having a BBQ outside brings people together and lets everyone have a great time. Riverdale provides you with a fully equipped BBQ area that is separate from the hut to ensure that people fully enjoy the outdoor spirit without being bothered by any smoke.

1.5 ft x 4 Ft Grill
Skewers Provided



A Majestic Addition to an Amazing Experience

Watch the sunset as you sip on a cup of tea from our elevated Gazebo. Perfect for any occasion, our gazebo has a built-in granite fireplace, to keep you warm while you enjoy a night at Riverdale Farmhouse. Want to hold a concert or a ghazal night? The gazebo can be turned into a stage, with a view of the whole farmhouse.

Granite Fireplace
In View Of Sunset
Seating Area



Roomy, Private and Comfortable.

Riverdale provides you with three changing rooms and attached bathrooms, consisting of washbasins, toilets, and showers with enhanced storage options for accessories. The 3,000 square feet interior is completely furnished with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay such as an uninterrupted power supply, 55” 4k led TVs and central air conditioning.

3,000 Square Feet Area
Uninterrupted Power Supply
55” 4K LED TVs In Every Room



The Star of the Show!

The prime icon at Riverdale farmhouse is our beautiful, handmade waterfall. It represents a symbol of luxury studded with exotic rocks from Balochistan the waterfall is great for backdrops in any photo, mesmerizing any visitors with its beauty.

Handmade Waterfall
Natural Stone