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Vista Venues: A World Of Luxury

Vista Venues: A World Of Luxury

April 27, 2022

Whether it’s the soft sand at the shores of Karachi’s famous Turtle Beach, or the secluded grasslands of Gharo, Vista Venues makes it happen. Catering to any and all sorts of events, our hospitality experts ensure that you receive only the finest of experiences.

Since 2019, Vista Venues has strived to provide premium event venue services, keeping in mind each and every detail when it comes to you.

Riverdale, our premium farmhouse in Gharo, operates on the three S’s. Serenity, Security, and Satisfaction. With ample facilities, Vista Venues covers the following types of events:



A popular attraction for members and their children. Particular attention is paid to pool maintenance to keep the water hygienically clean and safe. The water temperature is kept constant to ensure guest comfort. Let your worries go away while you take a dip in our luxurious pool. The 20-foot pool is lined with beautiful Spanish tiles and an international standard Spanish filtration system so you are immersed in pure water every time you want to relax. Since it is an insect-proof enclosure, we offer you a luxurious outdoor experience.


Celebrating that special once-a-year day at Riverdale is going to be an experience like no other! Bring your friends and family, and not just ten people, or twenty! With seating for up to 250 people, with a select cuisine menu, a birthday at Riverdale will be one to remember!


Huge spaces, premium service, and professional security standards make Riverdale a prime location for that corporate getaway you’ve been planning for! A tremendous pool, hot-water Jacuzzi, and lavish indoors are just some of the numerous facilities we’ve got in stock for the team to enjoy!


A picturesque view of the sunset as you join your loved one in holy matrimony. Sounds like a dream from a fairy tale, doesn’t it? No more! With a beautiful lawn with an elevated Gazebo for all kinds of ceremonial events, Riverdale is the only option you should consider when you want something unique for your wedding day.


For commercial and production shoots, look no further! Riverdale and the surrounding grasslands and pond are the best for that natural look in your photoshoot. Fancy a touch of green? Or a splash of blue? With Riverdale, we’ll make it happen.

Is there an important corporate event, a meeting, a social get-together, or even a wedding coming up? If you are expecting a large number of well-known participants or guests, e.g. Top CEOs or even celebrities. Impress your guests, especially if you follow COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Rent Vistavenues to host your event. Bring your family or staff for a pleasant experience with our 4-star pool, hot tub, and rest home with an uninterruptible power supply.



erfect for rest, relaxation, and much more. The temperature-controlled Jacuzzi is the best way to unwind after a long day. With 6 people, individual water jets, and a regulated pH value of the freshwater used, you and your friends can simply rest.


Having a fabulous garden party on a hot summer day is a great way to hang out with friends and family. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a casual barbecue. A lush green lawn spanning 20,000 square feet is spacious for all of your needs. Fancy a morning stroll after a night at Riverdale Lodge? Our well-lit hiking trail is perfect for you. The lawn in our enclosure has a capacity of a thousand. With a separate play area for the children, our lawn is equipped for everything.


Riverdale has 177 luxurious serviced residences, including a kitchen, living areas, dining room, and 2 bedrooms, which can comfortably accommodate a large family. For a relaxing getaway and make sure you have the comfort and relaxation that you want.


The main icon at Riverdale Farmhouse is our beautiful handcrafted waterfall. As a symbol of luxury, we import exotic stones from Balochistan to create this work of art. The water features of the landscape offer you a natural sanctuary that offers you a break from everyday stress in your own garden. There is an abundance and diversity that water features produce, as both humans and nature respond to the refreshing and relaxing properties of running water. Ideal as a backdrop for every photo, every visitor will be fascinated by its beauty.



Outdoor Barbeque perfectly set up, regardless of whether you want to prove your culinary skills or offer your guests a traditional menu of oriental cuisine at your event. The separate installation ensures that the smoke generated does not disturb other people. The separate configuration for the grill with skewers and coals and a fan prevent the grill from melting.


The sculptural design of the pavilion makes it one of the most distinctive designs of all structures. Watch the sunset while you sip a cup of tea from our elevated gazebo. Our pavilion has a built-in granite fireplace to keep you warm while you spend an evening at the Riverdale Farmhouse. Would you like to celebrate a concert or a Ghazal night? The pavilion can be turned into a stage with a view of the entire courtyard.

With numerous facilities, our farmhouse can handle any and all sorts of events. From birthdays to corporate getaways, weddings to fashion shoots, no client leaves unsatisfied. Aside from our main array of facilities, other facilities include an uninterrupted power supply, a private security force, and ample parking space.

With a new and improved booking portal, users will have no issue in getting a quick quote for their desired date and event! The user interface has been optimized for a seamless and easy experience! Just choose the available dates, the type of event you want, and send Vista Venues a request for a personalized quotation!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. All due payments must be cleared prior to 5 working days before booking date.
  2. In case of any damage or destruction of the property, you will be held responsible.
  3. You are requested to bring your cutlery, crockery, drinking water and tea etc.
  4. Usage of any heavy electronics, pyrotechnics, or external sound system should be supported by a separate generator arranged by the client.
  5. No form of Rung or Powdered/Liquid Color is allowed inside the hut. Any such substance causing damage will be fully reimbursed by the client.
  6. Seadale Hut or Management is not responsible for the provision of any form of electronic items like TV, Refrigerator, and Microwave Oven etc.
  7. Cancellation of booking needs to be communicated to the relevant team at least 5 working days prior to the booking date. If a cancellation is made before the 5 day deadline, 50% of the amount will be refunded. If a cancellation is made after the 5 day deadline, there will be no refund.
  8. Arms, Alcohol, Ammunition and Drugs are strictly prohibited.
  9. Follow Covid SOPs at the property.
  10. Take care of your personal belongings. In case of any loss, Vista Venues will not be responsible.
  11. You will be responsible for the safety of children and adults.
  12. Bringing, carrying, consuming or using chewing tobacco, betel nuts, gutka or pan of any shape, form or capacity is strictly prohibited on Vista Venue property by guests, vendors, staff or any other persons. If any person is found or suspected to breach of this clause, their Rights for Admission will be revoked and asked off the premises.
  13. Rights of admission/termination reserved by Vista Venues Management.