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Three ways to enjoy the summer break in Karachi

Three ways to enjoy the summer break in Karachi

June 10, 2022

Summers in Karachi come with a humid climate and extremely hot temperatures. With the rising temperatures, summer break in Karachi is tricky to enjoy, as it gets irritatingly hot.

However, even in those hot temperatures, there are many activities and places in Karachi through which you can enjoy your summer break and make the most of your vacations.

Hit the cool waters:

There is no other perfect way to beat the heat of summers other than enjoying a day along the poolside with your family or friends.
A day out in the pool of cool waters, with summer music playing in the background, fun games to play with your peers, and good food, is what looks like a perfect day out in summers. One can go to a beach or book a luxurious farmhouse for a day out like this.

A scenic view of French Beach.
A scenic view of French Beach.

For a day out on the beach, you can rent a hut on French Beach or Sandspit Beach and enjoy activities like camel riding, horse riding, and boating.

Seaview Karachi
Seaview, Karachi.

Clifton beach is also a fun place to hang out for few hours and mesmerize yourself with the beauty of the Arabian Sea.

Moreover, the farmhouses situated on the outskirts of Karachi are good places to escape the overbearing heat of Karachi. One of the luxurious farmhouses that have recently been a go-to place for many people is Riverdale Farmhouse, arranged by Vista Venues.

Riverdale Farmhouse, Gharo.
Riverdale Farmhouse, Gharo

The luxurious rooms, the 4-star swimming pool, a granite patio fireplace, and the arrangement for live Barbecue are what make Riverdale farmhouse a delightful and luxurious experience in the summertime. Click here to learn more.

Some other options available for luxurious farmhouses in Karachi are Karachi Farmhouse and Royal Farmhouse, which has premium facilities such as clean pools, a play area for children, and luxurious room facilities.

Royal Farmhouse
Royal Farmhouse

Visit the heritage of Karachi:

The city of Karachi is filled with historic buildings from the time of the British Empire. The heritage of Karachi tells us more about the history the city has gone through and how it has developed to be one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the world.

One of the places worth visiting is Frere Hall, which holds importance because of its brilliantly designed architecture and its being the center of all the radical moments in Pakistan. Frere Hall is also surrounded by beautiful garden space, which often holds many flowers exhibition and book fairs.

The other main historical attraction in Karachi is Mohatta Palace. Mohatta Palace is the symbol of culture, beauty, and heritage in Karachi. Its beautiful architecture consists of colored windows, artfully carved designs on the wall, and the long windy corridors.

The Majestic Mohatta Palace
The Majestic Mohatta Palace

The palace hosts many exhibitions of clothes, artifacts, and ruins from different cultures and traditions. A visit to the palace will be one of the most enjoyable visits.

Go for a peaceful walk in the beautiful gardens of Karachi:

If you are bored of the long hot afternoons spent in your home, then get up and go for a long walk in the beautiful gardens of Karachi.

After the hot afternoons, the calm winds take over in the evenings, and the parks and gardens are enriched with the summer breeze. A walk through greenery and cool weather is undoubtedly a treat from the hot weather.

Bin Qasim Park, Karachi.

The Bin Qasim park near Clifton Beach has vast space, and its lawns are perfect for picnics and evening walks. The environment is also very family-friendly and safe. Stroll through spacious and take in the grandeur of the age-old architecture!

Hilal Park, Karachi.

Hilal Park is also worth visiting as it is always blooming with beautiful flowers and has a very long walking track. An evening in Hilal Park is one of the most pleasant evenings one can have.

So, what are you waiting for? Call up your friends, pack a bag, and start exploring the City of Lights!