Our spacious farmhouse is the premium option for company retreats, product launches, and corporate events. Huge spaces, amazing service, and opportunities for team-building make Riverdale the perfect corporate event venue.

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For a corporate executive, service is a priority. And Riverdale farmhouse provides. Our corporate venue has features that are sure to give you a safe and productive experience.
Situated 1.5 KM from the main road, feel safe with our indoor car parking and private security force. Bring your family or your workforce for an enjoyable experience with our swimming pool, Jacuzzi, 4 – star resthouse with uninterrupted power supply.


Enjoy the beautiful lawns surrounding the farmhouse, or take a relaxing swim in our swimming pool on your day off. Hold a concert for the team, or enjoy a relaxing dinner with your office-related worries miles away. In Riverdale, you can truly relax.

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Hire a singer or hold a concert on our gazebo, or utilize the huge grounds Riverdale farmhouse has to offer for various team building exercises.
Take a dip in the Spanish swimming pool, or relax in the Jacuzzi while you watch our beautiful waterfall spray a mist of relaxation. Watch a movie with your family in the resthouse with your city life miles away.


Our chefs ensure that you receive only the best cuisine, carefully and hygienically prepared, giving you the best dining experience at our farmhouse.

Our chefs provide a variety of cuisines, ranging from Western, Eastern and Oriental cuisines. Prepared within a hygienic environment, with a separate area for cooking and caterers, we promise a relaxing and fun dining experience, however you want it.